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Cartier’s Double C bag

Marlin Yuson, Creative Director of Cartier Leather Goods, designed the Maison's new bag: the Double C. Small, ergonomic and resolutely modern: this bag is a real gem as well as a great icon in the making. Try it and you will swear by it.

By Chloé Redler
Le sac Double C de Cartier version rouge cerise
Cartier launches its new minimalist and ultra-modern bag.

Cartier Double C: small bag, big impression

Le sac Double C de Cartier en version noir intense
This “Grande Maison” bag sets the tone with its jewel clasp adorned with Cartier’s initials.

Its size is its main appeal. Small, rectangular and well designed, Cartier’s Double C is eye-catching with its linear and refined shape. Cartier understood perfectly well that there is no need to go overboard. Available in two sizes – “mini” and “nano” – this item is the ultimate city bag. This very functional purse features three inside compartments, one flat pocket, and one signature pocket with a removable mirror. It embodies classic fashion while also being blatantly modern.

Le sac Double C de Cartier en version rose poudré
The two stylized letters – a C within a C – are a reminder of the Maison’s traditional savoir-faire.

This essential calfskin accessory was designed as if it were a real jewel and its originality comes from the CC initials decorating the gold and enamel-finish clasp – token of a traditional savoir-faire as well as a specific family history. For collectors of emblematic bags and iconic models of the Maison, the noise made when closing the clasp will undoubtedly hit the spot. You can’t get bored of it!

One style, multiple colours

Les quatre coloris disponibles du sac Double C de Cartier
Deep black, cherry red, powder pink and fuchsia are colours that make any figure look radiant and bright. 

The bag which was released in four different colours, can be worn over the shoulder or “cross-body”. The deep black and the sensual cherry red versions are the opposite of the powder pink and flashy fuchsia – though they complement each other. This multi-purpose item will bring a touch of elegance to an eccentric outfit or enhance a more classic look with its modernity.

Le nouveau sac Double C de Cartier
Whether you wear it over your shoulder or cross-body, this city bag is an absolute must have.

On the verge of becoming one of Cartier’s emblematic collections, like the Must and Guirlande models, the Double C is sure to remain the talk of the town for quite some time.

Shoulder Bag Mini Double C de Cartier – € 2,350
Shoulder Bag Nano Double C de Cartier – € 1,950

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