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Awake Mission to Earth, sidereal and amazing

Symbol of innovation in the preservation of our planet, the new Awake Mission to Earth is designed to pay tribute to more than 60 years of technology developed by the NASA to explore space and improve life on earth that observe the astronauts on space expedition. Focus on a reference with a sidereal aesthetic.

By Vincent Daveau

Since its creation, 3 years ago, Awake is ambitious to become the watchmaking brand advocate of our commitments on the world. It has been the first to make a watch from recycled fishing nets to show France’s commitment to finding solutions to reduce ocean pollution. 

In a way, the time measuring instruments having its hallmark are designed to be symbols of commitment that we wear on the wrist with pride and that reminds us of the everyday challenges that future generations will face. After the marine world, it is now in the space that the team, composed of Lilian Thibault, the founder and Fred Ly, the art director, choose to propel themselves. The objective: see the Earth with another look. 

L'Awake Mission to Earth
The new Awake Mission to Earth is a watch symbol of innovation in the preservation of our planet. 

Made on Earth by humans 

The Mission to Earth watch is an exceptional reference in many ways. Only 250 pieces are produced to keep its rarity, it is the first of this young Maison to be made of titanium – here over 70% recycled.

L'Awake Mission to Earth est une édition limitée à 250 exemplaires.
The Awake Mission to Earth is a limited edition to 250 pieces. 

It uses the beautifully made Japanese self-winding caliber (modified Miyota 9015 caliber), visible through the transparent case back, instead of the solar energy or other self-winding movements that the company has kept powering these pieces so far.

La nouvelle Awake Mission to Earth
Visible through a sapphire crystal, the oscillating weight carries the message « Dare Mighty Things », which was embedded in the Perseverance parachute, the Rover that landed on Mars. 

It has carefully been designed to encourage us to imagine the earth from the sky so that we take care of it. Here is why, each component of its assembly reminds some elements of the ISS – International Space Station – or a part of the astronauts’ spacesuit, in tribute to the interstellar travellers who are responsible for awaking consciousness.

La nouvelle Awake Mission Earth
The Awake Mission to Earth watch is an instrument approved by the NASA.

Thus, the case middle of 40 mm-diameter, water-resistant to 100 m thanks to the red hexagonal screw-down large crown and a transparent screw-down case back, has a bezel and a dial inspired by the « Cupola », the panoramic observation window of the ISS. The red joints separating the layers of micrometeorite-resistant glass are echoed in the aluminium rehaut. The red anodised aluminium rehaut engraved with the countdown that precedes the launch of each rocket refers to the red joints separating the layers of micrometeorite-resistant glass of the observation windows of the same spacecraft. The notched minute track mirrors are inspired by the marks left by the Rovers during their astronomical discoveries. 

La nouvelle montre Awake Mission to Earth
The dial design reminds the “Cupola”, the panoramic observation window inside the International Space Station (ISS).

In the end, the NASA coding are all here, especially its logo printed on the removable strap, here made of Biopoly®, a natural material derived from castor. This strap can be closed on the wrist with a titanium openwork clasp whose design takes the design of the metal clamps used in the extremities of the spacesuits.

Awake Mission to Earth: a Spacewatch

This piece of only 85 g is delivered in a case inspired by the storage cases used on space expeditions. It is accompanied by an authentic, certified meteorite fragment from the asteroid VESTA, which is over a billion years old. On 27th June 1931, it collided with Earth in the Tataouine desert in Tunisia. A plaque engraved with NASA’s official motto reminds the link between this instrument and space. But the more fascinating is elsewhere.

Le coffret de la nouvelle montre Awake Mission to Earth
Inspired by the storage cases used on space expeditions, the case contains the watch accompanied by a meteorite fragment from the asteroid Vesta, which is over a billion years old.

Indeed, this reference, that it is possible to pre-order since Friday, July 1st, 2022, is a typical product of the blockchain technology. Its purpose is not so much to guarantee the authenticity and safety of the information it stores, but to serve AWAKE’s vision and goals, it must become a tool to raise awareness, turning its user into a daily ambassador of an awakened outlook and perspective on the world. To achieve it, each Mission to Earth is equipped with a unique and unforgeable marker built into the sapphire crystal. 

La montre Awake Mission to Earth est dotée du système ID GLASS
Each Awake Mission to Earth watch is equipped with a unique and unforgeable marker built into the sapphire crystal, called the ID GLASS technology.

The non-intrusive ID GLASS technology works with an NFC tag completely autonomous in terms of energy. A true world first in watchmaking, this technology ensures its origin. But, also to communicate when the mobile phone of its user is closed to it, the exclusive contents communicated by the NASA thanks to the cameras embedded in the ISS. This unique experience should allow the observers to feel the cognitive and emotional shock lived by the astronauts when they look at the earth through the windows of the ISS. 

La nouvelle Awake Mission to Earth
Made of Biopoly®, the immaculate white quilted finish of the strap is inspired by the outfits worn by astronauts during their ventures into space.

In the end, this affordable watch with a powerful message likely to awake consciousness, is a true machine to travel into space, a pure wonder that gives the time and makes us forget the time itself… Hard to make more dreamlike! 

Price: €990 – Limited edition at 250 pieces

Technical specifications:

Diameter: 40 mm
Lug width: 20 mm
Weight: 85grammes
Water-resistant: 100 m
Modified Miyota 9015 Caliber 
Recycled titanium case 
Sapphire crystal with integrated NFC ID GLASS technology  
Screw-down crown 
Strap made of Biopoly®


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