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Connected watches: a new generation is seizing power

By Nicolas Yvon

TAG HEUER Connected Calibre E4: two sizes, two styles

The new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 is the fourth generation of connected watches developed by the Swiss watchmaker. It perfectly combines new technologies with their watchmaking savoir-faire. And it comes in two diameter sizes: 45mm and 42mm. Both have a unique personality. 
The 45mm version (from € 1,950) is the sportier of the two. And it is available in steel or black titanium with a black ceramic bezel and a 60-minute scale. The 42mm version (from € 1,700) is the elegant one. Thinner, with sober lines, it has no bezel.

Both timepieces are water-resistant up to 50 meters. Besides, they feature an intuitive system of interchangeable straps and are available in steel or black rubber. TAG Heuer also offers a nice range of coloured rubber for second straps (€ 190). The 42mm deserves a special mention since it is also available with a leather strap (€ 1,800). This material adds to the refined look of the timepiece. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 is also equipped with functional push-buttons, which is an aesthetic and technical nod to the mechanical chronographs that have marked the brand’s history, since its foundation in 1880.

Montre connectée TAG Heuer Calibre E4
It’s now up to you to choose your sporty TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4, either with an assertive look or an elegant style. 

A high-definition dial with unmatched contrast for the new generation of TAG Heuer connected watches

The watch displays a high-definition dial. Indeed, the new OLED screen offers remarkable contrast, even under the bright sunlight. For that reason, we can fully enjoy the many watchfaces and their colours and animations that are perfectly reproduced with astounding fluidity. The watch also features a Snapdragon Wear 4100+ under Wear OS by Googleℱ and Bluetooth 5.0, which explains its performance. 

Montre connectée TAG Heuer Calibre E4
The 45mm version of the TAG Heuer Calibre E4 displays a graduated ceramic bezel.

In comparison with the previous generation of connected watches, the autonomy is increased. For example, the 45mm model has gained 30% in autonomy, which equals to a full day, even with the Golf app open for 5 hours… you can take your time to do a round of 18 holes. As for the 42mm version, it also runs a full day, even with the Wellness app active. 

A personal trainer on your wrist 

Montre connectée TAG Heuer Calibre E4
With the TAG Heuer Fitness app, the new Calibre E4 watch turns into a personal trainer.

Right, let’s talk about the apps! While being less energy consuming, the TAG Heuer Calibre E4 still has all the functions of a connected watch (calendar, weather, timer, alarm, notifications
). It is furthermore equipped with a large number of sensors, thus providing valuable real-time data (heart rate, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer
). And not to mention the NFC chip, which enables wireless communication between two devices. 

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Wellness
On the screen of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4, the Wellness application displays detailed daily health information (a 45 mm version on the left, and a 42 mm version on the right).

Besides, the watch includes two major exclusive applications: the first one is Wellness, which gives daily health information, including pulse rate, number of steps, burned calories 
 the other one is TAG Heuer Sports, which is the most powerful technological asset of the Calibre E4. With this application, the watch turns into a real personal coach – represented by an avatar on the screen – with a guided training program and ultra-detailed activity tracking for many sports: fitness, golf, running, cycling, swimming

Montre connectée TAG Heuer Calibre E4
Here the new Riverside watchface, with a display of remarkable fluidity on the TAG Heuer watch’s high-definition screen.

Key features on the new TAG Heuer Calibre E4 connected watches

As for the environment, TAG Heuer is releasing an important feature, the program “Trade In”.  This system allows the watch’s owner, under eligibility conditions, to return his old TAG Heuer connected watch before buying a new one. The brand recycles the watch’s components and the customer benefits from an advantageous offer on the Calibre E4. A great idea, don’t you think?

Montre connectée TAG Heuer Calibre E4
The 42mm version is also available with a leather strap.


TISSOT T-Touch Connect Solar, a connected watch under the sun

As the first multifunction touch watch of the Swiss watchmaking industry, the T-Touch (1999) was naturally destined to become a connected watch. The T-Touch Connect Solar is a concentrate of technology, reflecting the innovation and savoir-faire of Maison Tissot. On top of that, the watch also features photovoltaic cells to recharge its battery using solar energy (up to 6 months of autonomy). 

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar montres connectées
The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar can run for 6 months thanks to solar energy.

For his video, Frank sans C had the titanium version with a black ceramic bezel and a red rubber strap (€ 950).

To learn more about the T-Touch Connect Solar, read our article on the perfect watches to wear on vacation.
Read our technical data sheet, Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar.


APPLE Watch Series 7, the connected watch par excellence is a step ahead once again

The Apple Watch Series 7 (€ 779) featured on Frank sans C video matches perfectly the PVD treated gold steel material and a mesh strap. Of course, this connected watch needs no introduction as its seventh generation was revealed in late 2021. More performant, more resistant (thicker glass and crack-resistant), faster charging time (33% gain), autonomy of 18 hours
 In short, the Apple Watch Series 7 does better than any previous generation watch. But the main difference – which you notice at first sight – is that the Retina screen is bigger, with a display that fits the edges of the bezel. 

Les montres connectées AppleWatch en sont à leur 7Úme génération
The size of the screen on the Apple Watch Series 7 is 20% bigger compared to Series 6 and 50% bigger compared to Series 3. 

The new Apple Watch is available in two sizes (41 or 45mm). It runs on WatchOs8 and features the best of technologies and applications developed by the brand. On the menu: exercise app for cycling – with fall detection – Fitness+, and Mindfulness app that tracks breathing rate during sleep and provides Tai Chi or Pilates exercises to improve your well-being. 
Last but not least, the watch is part of Apple’s environmental approach, which means they are using an ever-increasing proportion of recycled materials and components (especially rare earths) in their devices. 


LOUIS VUITTON Tambour Horizon Light Up: a game of light and shadow

One of the biggest releases at the beginning of 2022 is the Tambour Horizon Light Up (from € 2,870). This is the third generation of connected watches by Louis Vuitton. The watch features a new characteristic design: indeed, the sapphire crystal merges with the convex case and reveals 24 Monogram flowers. 
To learn more about the Tambour Horizon Light Up connected watch, it’s very simple: you can either follow this link or click on the image below to read our article on the Tambour Horizon Light Up by Louis Vuitton

Les nouvelles montres connectées Tambour Horizon Light Up
The Tambour Horizon Light Up gets its inspiration from the traditional Louis Vuitton watches and displays a second time zone. 


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