Six gleaming golden watches

This season is rich with yellow gold watches, in watch and jewellery collections, gold is in everything! Whether a safe-haven or a trend, gold certainly has a lot going for it. These six gold (or gilded) watches illustrate that this precious metal is back, stronger than ever.

By Chloé Redler

TISSOT, PRX Powermatic 80 Damian Lillard Special Edition

Tissot has a solution for those of you who want a gold watch but aren’t one of the select few who have the means to flat-out buy one. The new PRX Damian Lillard Special Edition with its yellow gold PVD coating has you covered. This 40mm watch was made in collaboration with the eight-time NBA All-Star Damian Lillard.

The TISSOT PRX Powermatic 80 Damian Lillard Special Edition.

Lillard, also known by his stage name Dame D.O.L.L.A., brings his own style to this iconic PRX model, adding unique details both his basketball and music fans will appreciate. A well-balanced contrast exists between the golden case and the black dial covered in ‘0’s, a clever nod to the player’s jersey number. The counterweight on the black second hand is marked with his golden monogram.

The second hand marked with Damian Lillard’s monogram.

If you look closely, you will notice ‘DAME’ and ‘TIME’ engraved on the top of the inner flange, a reference to Lillard’s nickname and his decisive shots. This is echoed by the ‘YKWTII’ or ‘You Know What Time It Is’ engraved on the bottom left, to which you would naturally respond with a ‘It’s Dame Time’. On the bottom right of the inner flange are also engraved the initials ‘DDKK’, a tribute to his family. On the case back, engraved on the sapphire crystal is Lillard performing his celebratory ‘Dame Time’ pose after one of his seriously clutch shots. This model is water resistant up to 100m, and inside it beats the Powermatic 80 automatic calibre, equipped with an 80h power reserve and a magnetism resistant Nivachron™ balance spring.

The transparent case back engraved with an image of Damian Lillard in his ‘Dame Time’ celebration pose.


Click here to read the full TISSOT PRX Powermatic 80 Damian Lillard Special Edition technical sheet.


The Tissot PRX 35mm, quartz version.

A 35mm quartz watch for both men and women, with features that confer a very seventies style to the timeless design of this PRX model: a nifty EOL system or battery ‘End Of Life’ indicator, water resistance up to 100m, a 316L stainless steel case with a yellow gold PVD coating, an engraved crown, a yellow gold dial with a sunray finish, a date aperture at 3h, and an interchangeable bracelet.


Click here to read the full Tissot PRX 35 mm quartz technical sheet.


BULGARI, Bulgari Bulgari

New additions to the Bulgari Bulgari collection.

Unveiled at the LVMH Watch Week in January, these new Bulgari Bulgari watches bring a touch of yellow gold to a mostly rose gold and stainless-steel collection. Two variations, two new models: a 38mm case for the automatic movement and a 26mm case for the quartz movement. Both are bedecked with a gold bezel, engraved with the 14 letters of Roman Maison’s elegant collection.

With an original design by Gérald Genta, this new 26mm and yellow gold case and quartz movement model fits in perfectly with the Bulgari Bulgari collection.

True to the Maison’s origins, these models feature the 14 letters of the eponymous collection engraved like the names of Roman emperors which figured on the ancient coins that spread their name and fame across the Empire. Bold but never brazen, the sleek matte black dial is the perfect backdrop for the elegant design of the thin indices and hands. The only other details that grace this dial are a date aperture at 3h and the golden ‘12’ and ‘6’ Arabic numerals.

The 38mm Bulgari Bulgari with a matte black dial and a yellow gold bezel.

Both elegant watches come with a black alligator bracelet equipped with a pin buckle.

The 38mm model is a very thin (3.8mm) in-house automatic movement and a 42h power reserve.

Click here to read the full Bulgari Bulgari – 26 mm technical sheet – €9,100
Click here to read the full Bulgari Bulgari – 38 mm technical sheet – €14,700


LONGINES, The Longines Master Collection GMT

This exclusive 500-piece limited edition yellow gold model complements the emblematic Longines Master Collection. This GMT watch comes with an anthracite grey soft touch leather strap and is equipped with a silicon balance spring and magnetism resistant components that are ten times superior to the ISO 764 benchmark standard.

The yellow gold Longines Master Collection GMT and its anthracite grey alligator strap.

The calibre is chiefly gorgeous with its golden côtes de Genève embellished oscillating weight, perforated with the brand’s emblem – a winged hourglass – that can be admired through the transparent case back. This model sets itself apart with its 40mm yellow gold case and lightly frosted silver dial. The inner flange is adorned with a 24h scale where the Arabic numerals are flipped at 3h and back at 9h for excellent readability.

The silicon balance spring and innovative components, which guarantee absolute magnetic resistance, can be seen through the sapphire case back.

The dial is decorated with goldleaf hands, a rail-track minute circle, and adorned with eleven golden Roman numerals and a date aperture at 6h. The black GMT hand brings an element of contrast to the watch’s overall design. Water resistant up to 30m, globe-trotters and elegant salon dwellers alike will enjoy this model.


Click here to read the full The Longines Master Collection GMT technical sheet.


CARTIER, Panthère de Cartier watch, mini model

After dedicating a special show to the Panthère last December, this famous Cartier watch is back, this time as a mini model.

This slender and tiny yellow gold watch – the case measures 21.15mm by 18.51mm – displays elegantly slanted Roman numeral and comes with a flowing silky bracelet. With its secret ‘Cartier’ signature in the ‘X’ on the top left of the dial, blued steel sword hands, the cabochon-cut sapphire on its crown, the Cartier aesthetic is unmistakably present.

The yelow gold Panthère de Cartier mini watch.

However, a detail which hasn’t escaped us, and distinguished this mini model from the small and medium models, is the absence of a rail-track minute circle on the silver dial – probably for legibility.

Mini, small, and medium models of the Panthère de Cartier watch.


Click here to read the full Montre Panthère de Cartier, mini model technical sheet.

Pasha de Cartier Watch

The story goes that in 1943, Thami El Glaoui, the Pasha of Marrakech, asked Louis Cartier to make him a water resistant and out of the ordinary watch. It was from this request that the very first Pasha watch was born. The Pasha Collection, however, came out 42 years later, in 1985.

The 41mm yellow gold Pasha de Cartier watch.

Since its release, this icon of the 1980s caused a stir in the watchmaking world with its bold design. The dial is uncommon but quite remarkable with its removable grid – created to protect it from any impacts. This grid is easily removable thanks to a system supported by four tiny clasps equipped with springs. A sophisticated balance of shapes is achieved thanks to the square rail-track minutes circle contrasting with the round case. Blued-steel sword hands and a discreet date aperture at 5h appear on the silver filinqué dial.

The removable grid, a hallmark of the Pasha collection, is there to protect the watch in the event of a collision.


Click here to read the full Pasha de Cartier yellow gold technical sheet.

Juste un Clou Bracelet by Cartier

The purest expression of simplicity: the circle and the line. Juste un Clou is the embodiment of Cartier’s desire to ‘strip the object of everything superfluous’. What is there? The head of a nail on one side and a rounded tip on the other, that’s it. Elegant, sober but also precious, this bracelet has several more ornate variations, and the collection includes earrings, necklaces, brooches, and rings.

The sleek Juste un Clou bracelet.



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