TAG Heuer, Hublot, Zenith and Bvlgari kicks off the show with new arrivals for 2022

LVMH Group’s peacefully present their first novelties for 2022 after a record year in 2021. Let’s discover these four famous models that have marked the LVMH Watch Week digital event.

By Nicolas Yvon

Aquaracer Professional 200: the classic versatile sports watch revealed by TAG HEUER during the LVMH Watch Week

TAG Heuer expands the playfield of its signature diver’s watch (the Aquaracer 300). Indeed, the steel Aquarecer Professional 200 is a versatile outdoor sports watch. In short, designers conceived a tool-watch for every type of activity but elegant enough to be worn every day. 

But beware, you cannot dive with these 200 versions presented at the LVMH Watch Week. No problem with water sports activities, but you can’t explore the ocean with it. Technical and sports, these steel watches are water-resistant up to 200m. On top of that, a unidirectional bezel graduated 60 minutes and luminescent features adorn the case. However, it has a sober style, so you can either wear it with a suit or to match an informal style.

LVMH Watch Week TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200
With the Aquaracer Professional 200, TAG Heuer has developed a versatile sports watch that can be worn every day.

The Aquaracer Professional 200 is available with a 40m diameter for the automatic movement (€ 2,500) or the quartz movement (€ 1,850). A size that fits all. The timepiece is also available with a 30mm diameter, on a quartz movement only (from € 1,750), which is the perfect size for slenderest feminine wrists. 

Aquaracer DNA preserved while displaying some differences

The timepiece features every characteristic element of an Aquaracer. For example, you will find the 12-sided fluted bezel, a true Tag Heuer signature as well as stylish. Besides, it features a buckle with an adjusting system for optimised comfort. But some aesthetic differences with the Aquarecer 300 do exist. For instance, the markers are not octagonal but baton styled, the bezel is in steel, and there is no ceramic insert like on the 300 versions. The watch’s back is also different, it bears a compass rose (not a diver). 

Read our detailed sheets on the TAG Heuer Aquaracer collection to learn everything about the Aquaracer Professional 200


HUBLOT Big Bang Integral Time Only, the essential of time

The Hublot Manufacture completes its line with Big Bang Integral watches with integrated bracelets. The new references called “time only” focus on what’s essential with their three-hand-date calibres. The automatic movement is visible on the dial and on the case back. 

The new versions display the same sculptural design of the Big Bang Integral models with a chronograph function created in 2020. This impacting aesthetic is illustrated by the presence of a strap with faceted links, which is inspired by some features of the case and perfectly merges into it. We’re looking to a piece with a lot of personality. They are also very original with their sapphire glass dial that allows to admire the movement under the hands and under the luminescent markers.

LVMH Watch Week Hublot Big Bang Integral Time Only
The new Big Bang Integral Time Only, here in titanium, was revealed by Hublot during the LVMH Watch Week.

The new Big Bang Integral Time Only also distinguishes itself by its refined look. The 40 mm case is only 9.50 mm thick… which you can call an “ultra-flat” format since Hublot usually present imposing models. By the way, you have to look it from the side in order to fully appreciate the work done by the designers. 
In titanium (€ 17,500) or in yellow gold (€ 48,700), the Big Bang Integral Time Only can also be declined in an All Black limited edition of 250 pieces (€ 19,600).

To learn more about the new Hublot Big Bang Integral Time Only, revealed during the LVMH Watch Week, read our detailed sheet about the titanium version, the yellow gold version or the black ceramic version.


Defy Skyline or the small second look-alike: a good surprise from the LVMH Watch Week by Zenith

The new Defy Skyline by Zenith is equipped with a 12-sided bezel. This original detail is a nod to the 1969 model that featured a 14-sided model. The Manufacture also revealed a much more loyal reinterpretation during the LVMH Watch Week 2022 (the Defy Revival A3642 watch).

On the steel Defy Skyline (€ 8,300), there is a beautiful geometric association between the dodecagonal bezel and the octagonal case. The 41 mm case is water-resistant up to 100 m. It protects a dial (blue, back or silver) decorated with an exclusive pattern. It bears multiple small stars with four branches that draw their inspiration of a historical logo, the “double Z” says the watchmaker brand. 

LVMH Watch Week Zenith Defy Skyline
This Zenith Defy Skyline displays geometrical harmony with a dodecagonal bezel associated to an octagonal case.

As for the mechanical part, the instrument is powered by an El Primero calibre. Upon its release in 1969, the movement marked the brand’s history as it was their first automatic chronograph movement. Besides, this movement beats at a high frequency (36,000 rotation/hour, i.e., 5Hz pace). A frequency of a 1/10th of a second display. But on this one, there is no chrono function. The watch features an exclusive three-hand-date El Primero calibre. Visible on the back, this mechanism drives on the dial, at 9 o’clock, a sub 1/10th seconds hand! 

To learn everything about the new Zenith Defy Skyline, read our detailed sheets by following this link to the Defy collection


BVGARI Piccolissimo: mini-calibre, enormous exploit 

The new novelty revealed by Bvlgari during the LVMH Watch Week is not a watch. Instead, it’s a calibre – rightfully – called “Piccolissimo”. Behind this cute name, hides one of the smallest round-shaped mechanical movements ever made.

This miniature calibre is a true technical feat, measuring 12.30mm across, being 2.50mm thick and weighing 1,3 g!

The ingenuity of masters watchmakers seems to be endless, for the winding and setting are done with the crown on the caseback. Why? So the owner can easily insert Picolissimo inside a small – removable – case in gold and diamonds. The Serpenti Misteriosi, which is celebrating its 80 year-anniversary, also hides the case in its head.

LVMH Watch Week Bvllgari Serpenti Misteriosi avec calibre miniature Piccolissimo
The reptilian head of the Serpenti Misteriosi dissimulates the new Bvlgari mini calibre, which can be displaced.


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