2023 High jewellery

The colour of sunshine

Let the sunshine in! This year’s collections are illuminated by the bright shine of golden-coloured diamonds. While emeralds have long been esteemed guests in the ranks of high jewellery, bringing out the beauty of spectacular necklaces with their vibrant greens, yellow is making a stunning entrance in the creations introduced at Place Vendôme this January.

By Nathalie Koelsch
De Beers – Prelude  necklace and removable brooch, 10.05-carat fancy light yellow pear-cut diamond, yellow and white natural diamonds.

The finest fancy yellow diamonds have flocked to the greatest jewellers, and shine their unique sparkle on masterful pieces. Most have already made their home at the centre of a jewel, while others yet remain to be set. They wait patiently in their showcases to be picked up by the hands of experts who will know how to give them the royal treatment.

Yellow diamonds take centre stage

At Chopard, a breathtaking fancy vivid yellow diamond over 100 carats, like a majestic sun, is given pride of place at the end of this necklace, made up of alternating pear-cut and brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Chopard High Jewellery – Necklace, white and yellow fairmined-certified ethical gold, 100-carat fancy vivid yellow cushion-cut diamond.

As Caroline Scheufele puts it, “through my family, which has been specialised in jewellery for generations, my life was marked by encounters with the rarest of precious stones. This exceptional diamond, impressive both in size and colour, immediately caught my attention, and Chopard is very proud to present it today.” Chopard also crafted a ring displaying another fancy yellow diamond, oval-cut and 30.63 carats, with white diamonds on each side.

Chopard High Jewellery – Ring, white fairmined-certified ethical gold, fancy yellow and white diamonds.

The white diamond is the emperor of stones, reigning supreme in the world of jewels, but coloured diamonds, with their spectacular range of hues, are a welcome sight in the jewellery landscape.

De Beers – Prélude  solitaire ring, platinum and yellow gold, set with a fancy vivid orange-yellow diamond, cushion cut (ca. 10.28 carats) and white diamonds.

A symphony of diamonds

For its Metamorphosis collection, De Beers explores the cyclical rhythm of seasons through transformable pieces boasting white, brown, and fancy diamonds. The Prélude solitaire ring, in platinum and yellow gold, evokes the brightness and sweltering heat of summer, with a fancy vivid orange-yellow diamond, elegantly cut in a cushion shape, weighing over 10 carats.

Graff – necklace with 46.30-carat white diamonds and 41-carat fancy yellow diamonds.

Graff, who built its empire and renown through its passion for coloured diamonds, adorned some high jewellery pieces with exquisite yellow. The oval, pear, and heart cuts of these yellow and white diamonds play off of each other in a beautiful melody.

Graff – white and fancy yellow diamond earrings.

Cindy Chao, known for her virtuoso and avant-garde pieces crafted in lightweight titanium, invited a 90-carat fancy yellow diamond to sit at the centre of a diamond-studded ribbon necklace.

Cindy Chao – Ribbon necklace, 90-carat fancy vivid yellow cushion-cut diamond.

Dior High Jewellery, taking inspiration from the gardens that were so beloved by Christian Dior, created a floral ring, the perfect home for this yellow diamond.

Dior – Dearest Dior ring – Rose gold, diamonds and yellow sapphire.

The power of crystals lies in a unique alchemy that verges on magic. Charged with mystery, the multiple hues of fancy yellow diamonds lend their vitality and warmth to 2023 collections. From delicate light yellows to more vibrant canaries and primroses, they are at the centre of attention, bringing a serene effervescence to the beginning of the year.

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