The LV Nanogram Speaker, for travelers

Louis Vuitton is back with a boom… box. The brand-new portable speaker, the LV Nanogram Speaker, available in three exclusive variations, stays true to the Maison’s timeless style, is a must-have for your next trip, by bike, by boat, or by plane.

By Chloé Redler
Reaffirming Louis Vuitton’s creative legacy, the new LV Nanogram Speaker draws from the Maison’s travel-oriented brand image.

A futuristic design

Latest among Louis Vuitton’s eye-catching collections, the LV Nanogram Speaker is an avant-garde instrument with a high-tech look. A clever nod to the shape of the iconic Toupie Bag, the ultra-modern speaker sets the tone with its finely detailed surface – a hallmark of the Maison’s prestige.

 Both remarkably high-tech and forward thinking in its design, this speaker can go anywhere.

This very identifiable flying object is equipped with a natural cowhide-leather loop, complete with red trimmings and yellow topstitching, is drawn to the globe-trotter way of life. Our favorite French trunk maker is back with a minimalist and intuitive speaker. The body of this speaker is adorned with the emblematic LV Monogram Flowers, debossed into the casing.

Just like the historic LV trunks, this speaker has a beige natural cowhide-leather loop, complete with red trimmings and yellow topstitching.

The perforated aluminium grill of the speaker is laser-cut to reveal the LV signature. The twelve letters of the high-fashion brand ‘L O U I S V U I T T O N’ decorate the rubber and metal flange and are backlit when the speaker is turned on, thanks to LED lights.

The LV Nanogram Speaker is also equipped with a removable hook, which can be used to attach the speaker to your bag or your belt buckle.

Three variations, three starters

This high-ticket speaker boasts not only the removable hook – ideal for attaching the speaker to your bag or your belt buckle – but also three colour variations to choose from. The first one is the Silver model, a timeless look, you can’t go wrong with it. The second is the Copper model, a more natural, down-to-earth style that blends seamlessly with the Louis Vuitton aesthetic.

The third, the LV Nanogram Damoflage, sets itself apart from the two others with its pixelated camo design. The word ‘Damoflage’ is a portmanteau composed of the Maison’s ‘Damier’ motif and the French Army’s ‘camouflage’. Pharrell Williams, the Maison’s Creative Director, introduced this pioneering new motif at the men’s Spring-Summer 2024 Show.

The ‘Damoflage’ motif was spotted at Louis Vuitton’s latest men’s Spring-Summer 2024 Show.

Cutting-edge technology

The LV Nanogram Speaker weighs only 520g and is 13.5cm tall. It boasts an impressive sound system, developed by Harman, one of the world’s leading audio brands. With a maximum loudness of 84 dB and a listening time of 17 hours, this little beauty packs a punch.

The casing of this high-tech fashion accessory is decorated with debossed LV Monogram Flowers.

Thanks to its two integrated microphones, the LV Nanogram Speaker is compatible with voice-assisted control. This feature is possible via the Louis Vuitton Connect companion app.

A speaker with a nomadic spirit for the genuine globe-trotter.

The LV Nanogram Speaker is a high-ticket smart object. An avant-garde style combined with state-of-the-art technology, all enclosed within a superb, minimalist casing that only Louis Vuitton knows how to create.

LV Nanogram Speaker Silver and Copper – €1,950
LV Nanogram Speaker Damoflage – €2,250


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