Three famous watches for an extremely chic summer!

Today, it is good form to only speak about the watches’ size rather than the gender they are designed for. Watch for woman, watch for man, does it really matter in the end? The essential is for the watches to be beautiful, for us to be pleased to wear them and that they give the right time twice a day even when they are stopped!

By Frank Declerck

Woman’s watch… to avoid. Old fashioned…lady’s watch! Mixed-gender watch… sounds like sandwich. Ungendered watch… it is exaggerated. What if the good old unisex adjective was the most appropriate?

Today, we wear the watch we want to and especially according to the size of our wrist. And do not believe that men do not like diamonds! Codes and mindset change. What was once the privilege of Asian and Middle Eastern societies seem today to become a habit.

The Panthère de Cartier watch shows its claws 

When we make watches at Cartier, we do not do things by halves! 

A strong but adaptable style for the magnificent steel Panthère de Cartier watch with diamonds bezel. 

And for good reason because the Panthère de Cartier is the fashion watch par excellence. Miniature, small, medium, manchette, double bracelet… the Panthère de Cartier collection increases the references, materials, and exteriors for the pleasure of Panthère’s collectors.
A women’s watch par excellence, the Panthère de Cartier is also sometimes on the wrist of men who like to stand out with a medium size on the wrist. And why not!
Precious and small sized, really feminine, – the one showed during the programme measures 23.49 mm x 30.3 mm – its 20mm square dial has two sword hands. It is surrounded by a case which angles are flexible to match perfectly the extension bracelet. It is truly what we call a shaped case, one of the specialities of the Maison Cartier. A case water-resistant to 30m composed of a quartz movement.

Two versions, same spirit: elegance.

The impressive part on this watch is the flexibility of its bracelet with 5 rows of polished and curved links. It is even said that the Panthère name has been chosen during its launch in 1983 to highlight the extreme flexibility of its bracelet recalling the way the animal moves, with agility and elegance. The Panthère, is also the indisputable queen of the Maison Cartier’s bestiary.
And these two new variants are equipped with a dial that also plays the geometry card by being crossed by a diagonal that increases the lighting effects at any wrist movement.

In rose gold, the Panthère de Cartier is decorated on the crown with a diamond cabochon.

Regarding the characteristics, very few differences on these two steel pieces, except the 36 set brilliant cut diamonds bezel. The icon has as it should be at Cartier, a crown with a synthetic blue spinel to make the emblematic cabochon. 

Rose gold and plum coloured with golden reflection dial

The Panthère watch also exists in yellow gold and in rose gold. For rose gold, the blue spinel located on the crown was replaced by a diamond. A kind of exception that proves the rule. 



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Dior miniature, maximum effect 

The 19 mm-diameter Mini D de Dior Satine belongs to the watch jewels world, especially with this malachite dial’s version! 

A precious stone for a dial every time unique on this gold and steel Mini D de Dior Satine.

Because this coating is decorated with a yellow gold bezel and crown set with diamonds. And not any diamond because it is exclusively brilliant cut diamonds also known as « VVS » standing for Very, Very Slightly Included. In other words, an almost absolute purity because the inclusions are invisible and hardly visible with a 10X magnifying glass. Thus, nothing interferes with the exceptional brilliance of the diamond.

On this piece, brilliant cut diamonds are also on the folding clasp, what makes a total of 37 VVS diamonds, 0.5 carat for the whole watch. This Mini D de Dior Satine obviously enjoys the hammered Milanese mesh bracelet that is on all the Satine pieces. A name well chosen because this bracelet with a great flexibility is made like a “metallic satin ribbon” whose radiance is to be highlighted. 

D de Dior: the letter’s spirit 

The flexibility of the hammered Milanese mesh allows the D de Dior Satine watch to be admirably comfortable to wear. 

We also find this comfort on the 25mm-diameter D de Dior Satine. No diamonds on the bezel or on the dial, but a hammered pattern that echoes the famous bracelet. The white mother- dial, that spreads light-dispersing reflections under the light that has 4 brilliant cut diamonds that the second-hand Dauphine of the minutes will point every 15 minutes. 

The crown is also set with 17 brilliant cut diamonds located on the watch. On these two Swiss watches, the case water-resistant to 30m has a quartz calibre. Honestly, men with small wrist would be surprised by the elegance of this watch put under a dinner jacket shirt… 



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The Chanel J12 shows off 

The diameter is taken to a next level with the 33mm of the new Chanel J 12. It must be said that it is equipped with a self-winding calibre made by Kenissi Manufacture which is co-owned by Chanel. A beautiful movement from which the assemble is made by an oscillating weight, improving the originality with its circle-shape, as we can see it on the case back of the watch through the sapphire case back. 

With the Chanel J12, the visionary Jacques Helleu made a truly unisex icon.

The calibre is COSC-certified and has a 50h-power reserve. This Chanel J12 33mm is available in white or black ceramic with a matching lacquered dial equipped with a central “railroad” motion work.

A circle makes the originality of the oscillating weight designed by Kenissi Manufacture that we can see through the transparent case back.

Water-resistant to 200m, this watch has a screw-down crown equipped with a ceramic cabochon. Therefore, it allows to practise all the water sports – even extreme ones – without any risk and even scuba diving as it is equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel. The arrival in collection of a J12 equipped with a miniature self-winding calibre makes of the reference even more a timepiece. This white or black ceramic watch will then attract women – as well as men with small wrists – looking for both a sports and chic watch that can be worn in any circumstances. A true icon of the unisex watches!


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